Sunday, October 6, 2019


Anchor Graphics 25 years

Anchor Graphics: 25 Years of Printmaking

Anchor Graphics: 25 Years of Printmaking

Thursday, October 17 at 5:00pm to 8:00pm
 Hokin Project
623 S Wabash Ave, 1st Floor, Chicago, IL 60605

An Anchor Graphics retrospective exhibition.
Anchor Graphics was a not-for-profit fine art press that brought together, under professional guidance, a diverse community of youth, emerging and established artists, and the public to advance the fine art of printmaking by integrating education with the creation of prints. The press was founded by David Jones and Marilyn Propp, and later became a program of the Art and Art Design department within Columbia College Chicago’s School of Fine and Performing Arts in 2006 and continued its mission within the college until 2015.

Thursday, September 19, 2019

POW at the 2019 Milwaukee Makers Faire

CCR's POW inside The Wisconsin Center

 Saturday and Sunday, Sept 14th and 15th CCR  drove its POW to participate in the Makers Faire at the Wisconsin Center in Downtown Milwaukee.

CCR Co-Founder Marilyn Propp showing visitors how paper is made.  We had hundreds of Maker Faire attendees stop by our booth and participate in our Make A Sheet Take A Sheet papermaking, and relief printing demonstrations.

The relief printing station featuring Cranfield Inks is ready to go.
UWM Print Club Members prepping for  the day's activities 

Our neighbors and  collaborators, the UWM Print Club in Action

Sunday, August 18, 2019

POW at Union Park Art Market

On Sunday, August 18th,  a powerful storm blew through Kenosha, downing trees, blowing out power, and from what I heard, had some of the Art Market participants running for cover.  Our POW showed up after the storm. We waited and eventually about five artists decided to set up for the art market anyway. The day turned out to be beautiful and some folks even showed up to see what we were doing. A good time was had by all. 

I'd like to thank Beth Dary of Lemon Street Gallery for inviting us. 

Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Move to Milwaukee Continued.

July 24, 2019

I was uploading photos from today and lost all but the images of the truck pulling into the storage site
Jessica Meuninck Ganger took some wonderful images on her phone and posted them to facebook. Once again the Crew from ARS was fantastic.  Plus we got everything in our two 10' square lockers perfectly. No room for extras... The next challenge is to find a permanent home.

In Storage.  photo, ,Jessica  Meuninck Ganger

Tuesday, July 23, 2019


On Tuesday Morning, the riggers from ARS Contracting Inc began loading up the presses, stones, tables, etc.  They will deliver the equipment,  tomorrow Wednesday  Stay tuned... A shout out to Chris Flynn, Duncan MacKenzie and Chris Kerr,  who made this happen.

As you can see the Anchor Graphics as we know it is no more.
Chris Flynn took these images of the move.  It is a sad time,  but  we hope  for new beginnings

Marilyn Propp & POW @ RAM (Racine Art Museum) Making Paper

July 20, 2019

Setting up in front of RAM (Racine Art Museum) Marilyn Propp setting up her papermaking station.

POW looking out!

And the storm arrives

Marilyn Propp pulls another sheet.

Draining a  fromed sheet,  almost ready to couch.

Saturday, July 13, 2019

Silver City Taco Truck Party, organized by Julio Miguel, sponsored by Velobahn Coffee & Cycle

On July 12, 2019
 Silver City Taco Truck Party, sponsored by Velobahn Coffee & Cycle, organized byJulio Miguel!! We're excited to bring the Press on Wheels (POW) and offer screen + block printing! Free t-shirts and posters sponsored by the ACLU of WI and Center for Collaborative Research!

A few images from the event

The holy family, immigrants seeking a better life,  detained by ICE.

Jessica sharing the finer points of screen printing.
POW & UWI under the tents...
Making prints
A few relief prints of the day on hand made paper 

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Preparation Relocation

Tuesday July 9th, 2019

Jessica Meuninck-Ganger and Chris Flynn continued to pack up the shop as I mostly wandered around thinking about the people who have graced Anchor over the years with their presence. Anchor Graphics hosted 100's of exhibits, published 60 or so artists,  provided free printmaking classes to young people in the community, provided learning opportunities for interns,and an environment conducive for creative risk-taking for our resident artists.

On the way to Chicago, Jessica and I talked about the mission of CCR,  and acknowledged that its roots are firmly planted in the history of Anchor Graphics. But the cultural landscape of the 1990's has changed. It is our responsibility to provide a space that continues to welcome research and community collaboration, where prints can be utilized as tools for social engagement and  building awareness of global issues--all the while being a place where beautiful and meaningful works of art are created. 

Photos, Jessica Meuninck-Ganger
Jessica Meuninck-Ganger and I filling the subaru with tools, and printshop miscellania, some of the stuff has been with Anchor since the beginning.  The question for the day was what to leave behind and what to take to the new home. 

Prepping the press for moving. We got this  40" X 70" French Tool Press in 1990
We had to rent a crane to get it out of a 2 story walk up in Eureka Springs.
tomorrow it makes the trip to 
Milwaukee where it will eventually grace the Center for Collaborative Research.

Good Vibes and Good Flavor, yep,  that"s what CCR will provide.  

The new space has yet to be found, so until it reveals itself we will be storing the equipment for a short time.  Thursday July 11th we will be loading up the Presses, and Misc equipment.   

Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Preparation for Change

Yesterday we started packing up the former Anchor Graphics to prepare for its relaunch in Milwaukee.  A continuation of a story that continues to unfold. Some years back Anchor Graphics became a program under the umbrella of the Columbia College Chicago Department of Art & Design.  Columbia College Chicago is loaning us the equipment that made up the core of the Anchor Graphics shop.  In the next few weeks, we will be loading and packing and moving the presses, tables, and rollers to temporary storage in Milwaukee.  Columbia College retains the name Anchor Graphics, plus the Anchor Graphics Archives are housed at the College. The Center for Collaborative Research, which will open as a Milwaukee-based shop, will continue the work that Anchor Graphics began in 1990.

Preparation for the Move 7/2/2019

Monday, June 10, 2019

Relief Printing at the Kenosha Civil War Museum

On June 8th CCR  was invited to set up our POW for the Kenosha Civil War Museum Grand Review.
We demonstrated the relief printing process and gave away over 100 prints.