Tuesday, June 20, 2017


And so it begins.  The Center For Collaborative Research hosted its first printmaking class at the Guild Hall of St. Matthew's in Kenosha WI. It looks like this will be our temporary home until our space is ready at the Kenosha Creative Space, just up the street.

Our first class is a Xerox transfer class and we have 5 eager students exploring the possibilities of making prints using xeroxes as a printing plate.

We have papermaking and drypoint classes coming up and we will post pictures as they happen.

 From right to left we have John Zehren, Beth Dary,  Eileen Black, Ellen Fernwerda and David Jones looking at the first impression pulled at the workshop.

In Process. John, Beth, Barb, Shanna (our MIAD Intern) and Ellen hard at work.

Monday, June 5, 2017

Artist Retreat

On May 24th CCR hosted its first of what we hope will be many Artist Retreats or Residencies.

While our space is being prepared @ 5722 6th Avenue, Kenosha, we thought that getting started was the thing to do.

We are offering classes and workshops at the Guild Hall of St. Matthews in Downtown Kenosha (see the previous posting about our workshops and classes) and one day artist retreats at ProppJones studios. Our residencies are about providing space and time for an artist to reconnect with their creative practice.

As CCR moves forward we will formalize the residency program. Stay tuned!!!

Our 1st Resident was Greta Bach. Here are a few images of her working in the studio.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017


The Center for Collaborative Research (CCR) is gearing up for its Summer 2017 Workshops  

Join artists David Jones and Marilyn Propp in CCR's temporary space at St. Matthew's Guild Hall to learn Papermaking, Xerox Transfer, and Drypoint Printmaking processes.  
Call 773-746-3241 or email centerforcollaborativeresearch@gmail.com
There are still seats available. 

The Center for Collaborative Research 
Press and Paper on Wheels
Summer Workshops 2017

Call 773-746-3241 or email centerforcollaborativeresearch@gmail.com
A $10 deposit saves your place in the class. 
Workshops will be held at St. Matthew’s Guild Hall, 5900 7th Ave, Kenosha, on the 2nd floor.

Xerox Transfer                             2-day session
Monday and Wednesday, June 19 and 21, 6 – 9 pm   OR   Monday and Wednesday, June 26 and 28, 6 – 9 pm

Class size limit 8.  $65 plus $10 materials fee.

For all levels. A transfer process that transforms black and white Xerox copies into paper-plate lithographs. Using color ink, you’ll ink up your plates and print them by hand on an etching press, producing a one-of-a-kind print. Bring multiple B & W Xerox copies, size 8 ½” x 11,” of photographs, drawings, scanned images, and/or collages to transform into prints.

Instructor: David Jones
Director, Master printer and co-founder of the CCR. Previously the Director of Anchor Graphics, Chicago and adjunct faculty at Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design.

Introduction to Papermaking    2-day session
Tuesday and Thursday, June 20 and 22, 10 am –1 pm   OR   Tuesday and Thursday, June 27 and 29, 10 am – 1 pm

Class size limit 8.  $65 plus $10 materials fee.

For all levels. Make your own fine cotton paper by learning basic sheet forming from cotton pulp, and incorporate inclusions (embedding decorative objects) into your paper. Your hand-made paper can then be used for drawing, writing, notecards, or sketchbooks. Bring flattened dried flowers; flat gold, silver, or colored flecks; or any flat small decorative items.

Instructor: Marilyn Propp   
Adjunct faculty at Carthage College and Columbia College Chicago. Co-founder of CCR and Anchor Graphics, Chicago.

Drypoint on Plexi                        2-day session
Wednesday and Friday, July 5 and 7, 6 – 9 pm   OR   Tuesday and Thursday, July 25 and 27, 6 – 9 pm  
OR   Monday and Wednesday, July 31 and August  2, 6 – 9 pm

Class size limit 8.  $65 plus $10 materials fee.

For all levels. You don’t need to know how to draw to create etchings. Bring your photographs or other images to place under plexi, size 5” x 7.” With this non-toxic method, you’ll use an engraving tool to cut beautiful drypoint lines into the plexi by tracing your images. You’ll ink up your plate and print it by hand on the etching press. A small edition can be printed.

Instructor: David Jones 

Papermaking Explorations    2-week session
Monday/Wednesday, July 10 and 12, 6–9 pm   AND   Monday/Wednesday, July 17 and 19, 6–9 pm

Class size limit 8.  $100 plus $10 materials fee.

For all levels. Learn basic sheet forming in order to make handmade paper, and incorporate inclusions (embedding decorative objects) into your paper.  Day 2 bring flattened dried flowers, flat gold, silver, or colored flecks, or any flat decorative items. Week 2 we will explore stencils and pigmented pulp.

Instructor: Marilyn Propp 

Papermaking Intensive     3-week session.   Choose Session I  OR  Session II.  

Class size limit 8.  $125 plus $10 materials fee.  
Class session I:   
Wednesday and Friday, July 26 and 28,                 9:30 am – 12:30 pm
Wednesday and Friday, August 2 and 4,                9:30 am – 12:30 pm
Wednesday and Friday, August 9 and 11,              9:30 am – 12:30 pm

Class session II:   
Tuesday and Thursday, August 15 and 17,             9:30 am – 12:30 pm
Tuesday and Thursday, August 22 and 24,             9:30 am – 12:30 pm
Tuesday and Thursday, August 29 and 31,             9:30 am – 12:30 pm

For all levels. This intensive papermaking course will enable you to form beautiful handmade cotton paper. We will investigate inclusions, stenciling, and painting with pigmented pulp. The last week we will work with double couching, watermarks, and shaped paper.

Instructor: Marilyn Propp

Kids Classes 2017

Drypoint for Kids   1-day workshop.  Choose Session I  OR  Session II.    
Each workshop is limited to 8 students.  Each class is $35 plus $5 materials fee.

Session I:           
Monday, August 14,  noon to 3 pm.        High School age
Wednesday, August 16, noon to 3 pm     Jr. High School age
Friday, August 18, noon to 3 pm            Elementary school age    

Session II:
Monday, August 21,  noon to 3 pm         High School age
Wednesday, August 23, noon to 3 pm    Jr. High School age
Friday, August 25, noon to 3 pm            Elementary school age.  
Want to get inky? Bring your own drawings or family photos, size 5” x 7”. We’ll provide the plexi, inks, etching tools, and etching press.  Make your own etchings, learn how to ink them, run them through the press, and print multiples. This is a non-toxic method.

Instructors: Marilyn Propp and David Jones.  

Thank you to all our supporters, especially

The Kenosha Community Foundation,
St Matthew's Church
and a proud partner with the Kenosha Creative Space

Classes and workshops

Yesterday, John Zehren and David Jones picked up a small Sturges CP4 etching press donated to CCR by Kate Remington. Thank you, Kate and John, for your generosity and time.   

The press will be ready to go in time for the start of our summer classes. Which will be held at St. Matthew's Guild Hall, 5900 7th Ave, Kenosha. 

The Sturges CP4 press prior to disassembly

Saturday, April 22, 2017


Today the Kenosha Creative Space and the Center for Collaborative Research participated in Earth Day activities at Gateway Technical College in Kenoahs WI. It was a celebration with a day of creative and informational activities revolving around our planet.

Our Press and Paper on Wheels, 
packed up and before heading out to Gateway.
It's amazing how much you can pack in a MINI.

Marilyn Propp & Ajay Singh Bedi get the Kenosha Creative Space and the Center for Collaborative Research booth ready for the event.

Ajay Singh Bedi and Kenosha Creative Space Executive Director Francisco Loyola ready for the crowds!

A young visitor checks out the Center for Collaborative Research demonstration materials. 

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Collaboration at the Gateway Technical College Fab Lab

Last week, John Zehren, some other folks and I worked in the Fab Lab at the Gateway Technical College in Sturtevant, WI. This is the second time we've met and each time we see how this collaboration of print and technology can work. During this session we put the laser to work cutting wood blocks that would eventually be inked and printed by hand. The Fab Lab's link is 

This is our portable print lab,(at least until we get our portable press). We will be using wooden spoons, barrens, and  antique  door knobs to print our laser cut blocks. We are beginning to see how we can bring art and technology to students of all ages, sharing our love for print and technology.

We are still fine tuning our collaboration but soon we hope to share with the community some of the images we have made.

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Our new logo/chop mark.

A week ago we submitted a grant proposal to the Kenosha Community Foundation to fund our imagined PRESS ON WHEELS or POW. Years ago we started POW @ Anchor Graphics and it was one of our favorite programs.

POW took our portable etching press into schools, to events, Senior Centers, museums. We used the POW to conduct workshops and introduce people to the creative possibilities of print media.

If we receive funding from the Kenosha Community Foundation we will use the funds to purchase a Handi-bot portable CNC machine. We will use the CNC as a way to introduce tour participants to both traditional and contemporary printmaking technology. We see the use of the CNC router as an important bridge between handwork and digital image making.

To everyone who has donated so far, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. FYI, we will be using the funds donated as a match for the grant. As a token pf our appreciation we will be sending out a limited edition signed print to both recent and future donors of this campaign.

Go To: https://www.generosity.com/community-fundraising/the-center-for-collaborative-research/x/15783639

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

a link to the Kenosha Creative Space Magazine


This is from The Kenosha Creative Space magazine for more great info check out the link above.

Graphics shop focuses on education as well as art Center for Collaborative Research encourages creativity

By David Jones

The Center for Collaborative Research

In late 2016 Marilyn Propp and I moved to Kenosha from Chicago to create the Center for Collaborative Research and form a partnership with the founders of Kenosha Creative Space. Our shared vision is to offer the community a new kind of place to co-work, to co-create, and to share the fruits of creativity with the community.

A little bit of background about us. In 1988, we founded Anchor Graphics, an independent non-profit organization dedicated to advancing fine art printmaking through education, through providing art-making opportunities for students and professionals, and through educating the public about the fine art printmaking process. The program grew and eventually became a part of Columbia College Chicago

New version of Anchor Graphics

We wanted to start this program up again, as a new entity. When we met Francisco Loyola, one of the visionaries behind Kenosha Creative Space, we began to see that there was a future for a re-envisioned version of Anchor Graphics. We decided to call it the Center for Collaborative Research.

With a newly formed board of directors, we talked about what was important and what would best serve the community and generate interest beyond Kenosha. We expect to become a destination for artists, curiosity seekers, young people, and people who want to get in touch with their creative sides. It will be a place to work and to experience creative play.

The perfect partnership

Kenosha Creative Space will be a hub where the community comes to share experiences, utilize the facilities for co-working, and support one another in an environment that encourages and facilitates all forms of creativity.

The Center for Collaborative Research will run a maker space revolving around prints. We will be the site for the study and production of multiples and will act as a catalyst for a diverse range of projects. This will be a creative laboratory designed to encourage and connect research, innovation and education in art. It will also encourage collaborative art practice and social engagement.

Outreach programs

We changed the name, but we are retaining some of the Anchor Graphics tools and techniques that worked well for us. For example, we’ll continue to use our Press on Wheels, an actual tortilla press modified for printmaking. It was a big success in our efforts to reach out to young people. We’ll continue to provide printmaking classes for young people and adults, and will add papermaking and book arts to our classes; we’ll continue to offer an internship program, and we’ll continue our International Artist in Residence Program, which provided print shop access to professional creatives/printmakers who needed the time and space to investigate new ideas. The artists in residence will present their work and their ideas to the community through public lectures and demonstrations.

We will continue to invite artists to the shop to create limited-edition prints. This was important for training college interns about collaboration and professionalism while enhancing their skill sets. CCR will support and encourage professional development and creativity in contemporary and traditional printmaking.
Anchor Graphics also provided a gallery space that exhibited stellar printmakers from around the world. The CCR will continue that offering, with exhibiting artists giving public lectures about their work.

In addition to our activities, we will add a keyholder program. This will allow those who wish to use the facilities to enroll in training workshops and then, for a monthly fee, to have access to the facilities.

Mission: the Center for Collaborative Research CCR is a non-profit print shop, work space and gallery that brings together, under professional guidance, a diverse community of youths, emerging and established artists, and the public to advance the fine art of printmaking by integrating education with the creation of prints and by promoting research, education and exploration.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

FRIDAY February 17 2017

On Friday, The Center for Collaborative Research director, with it's Press On Wheels traveled to Gateway Technical College where FAB LAB technician & wizard John Zehren and I worked together refining the use of their laser and CNC cutter in the service of Printmaking for most of the day. 

Folks dropped in to see what we were up to and we had numerous opportunities to share our passion for print and for the capabilities of technology for teaching, creating, and for celebrating the arts in wonderful and dynamic ways.

This collaboration is the first of many and I can already see us going into schools, with our trusty etching press, and our Handi-bot (we are raising funds to acquire one). and teaching how to use digital technology in fun and creative ways.

Thursday, February 2, 2017


Update Feb 2, 2017

We just about have all of our governmental paperwork in order, checking account set up, we are beginning to organize plans for a Spring roll out of activities. 

Let us know if you are interested in learning more about the Center for Collaborative Research (formerly Anchor Graphics).

Thursday, January 19, 2017

A New Year

It's 2017 and things are moving slowly, but moving. We have received our IRS 501c3 determination letter, and certification from the State of Wisconsin we are now permitted to engage in business as a charitable organization.

Our new home will be in the Kenosha Creative Space 
along with other creative entities.

Vacant since 2005,the old Kresge building at 5722 Sixth Ave. in downtown Kenosha is set for renovation and repurposing to house local arts organizations and a large artists’ workshop under financing that includes $174,600 in federal funding allocated by the city under the Community Development Block Grant program.

We are raising funds to help with the build out and acquiring equipment so that print related activities, such as classes, Artist Residencies, exhibitions, workshops for young people and collaborations with artists from all over the world can begin again 


Saturday, December 24, 2016

Starting a new fund raising campaign

Things are starting move forward, the Kenosha Creative space has had its roof repaired and we are now preparing to start gutting the interior of the space and designing.  

Please join our IndieGoGo fundraising campaign for equipment and build out

Center for Collaborative Research fund raising campaign

Please share this link with your friends

Our prototype tortilla press on wheels. 

Saturday, October 15, 2016

The Block Party

On October 1st 2016, The Kenosha Creative Space and The Center for Collaborative Research participated in The Kenosha Block Party, sponsored by Backyard Dream Studios & Eisley Creative Co. There was live music, food, children's activities, and other activities, it was a wonderful way to share printmaking with the public and make new friends.

Our booth with the Tortilla Press on Wheels

Center Co-Founder David Jones shows some folks how the Tortilla Press works. We gave away over 30 prints on that night.

David Jones, Francisco Loyola and  a guest all share in the excitement as another print is pulled.