Friday, June 30, 2017

Papermaking workshop at the CCR was a blast!

Our first Papermaking workshop started with inclusions, but the second day we couldn't resist adding pigments with pulp painting. That means the second workshop, starting July 10 (6-9pm) will push even further-- stencils, watermarks, the works! Instructor Marilyn Propp explains the process to Gerry Slavek.

Gerry Slavec and Nancy Barasch make pigmented sheets with inclusions. Our MIAD (Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design) intern Shanna O'Connor is in the background.

Shanna using stencils and pigmented pulp.

Nancy and Gerry using pigmented pulp and inclusions.

High School intern from San Francisco, Simon Goldsmith, and Shanna, intern from Milwaukee, use pulp painting on their cotton sheets.

Gerry's forming cotton sheet with an inclusion.

Shanna's cotton sheet with stencils and pigment, still forming on the pellon. When these are all dry: more pics!

Tuesday, June 20, 2017


And so it begins.  The Center For Collaborative Research hosted its first printmaking class at the Guild Hall of St. Matthew's in Kenosha WI. It looks like this will be our temporary home until our space is ready at the Kenosha Creative Space, just up the street.

Our first class is a Xerox transfer class and we have 5 eager students exploring the possibilities of making prints using xeroxes as a printing plate.

We have papermaking and drypoint classes coming up and we will post pictures as they happen.

 From right to left we have John Zehren, Beth Dary,  Eileen Black, Ellen Fernwerda and David Jones looking at the first impression pulled at the workshop.

In Process. John, Beth, Barb, Shanna (our MIAD Intern) and Ellen hard at work.

Monday, June 5, 2017

Artist Retreat

On May 24th CCR hosted its first of what we hope will be many Artist Retreats or Residencies.

While our space is being prepared @ 5722 6th Avenue, Kenosha, we thought that getting started was the thing to do.

We are offering classes and workshops at the Guild Hall of St. Matthews in Downtown Kenosha (see the previous posting about our workshops and classes) and one day artist retreats at ProppJones studios. Our residencies are about providing space and time for an artist to reconnect with their creative practice.

As CCR moves forward we will formalize the residency program. Stay tuned!!!

Our 1st Resident was Greta Bach. Here are a few images of her working in the studio.